Power Animals

When it’s protection that we seek, 

When it is darkness that we fear, 
We can always call on them and be certain they’ll appear. 
Without hesitation, And without any doubt, 
They will come to our calling, 
And they will always help us out.

During any moment of need, 
When the world feels so cold, 
When all answers seem lost, 
And we’ve lost our hold. 
All we have to do is call them 
And they will appear 
With solutions and answers. 
Our rescue is here.

They lend their help freely, 
Ask for nothing in return; 
Save the one expectation 
To make sure that we learn. 
That we learn to take care of us, 
That we learn to stand strong, 
That we stay on our path 
As we move along.

We can call them our teachers, 
We can call them our guides, 
For they bring us the answers 
To the mysteries of life. 
We can call them our helpers. 
We can call them a friend. 
They are the ones we can count on 
To always lend us a hand.

So here is to these animals 
Whose power we may share. 
To the big and the small ones, 
To the mouse and the bear. 
To the wolf and the eagle 
And all in between 
Who make our lives easier, 
Much more than they seem.

Let us honor and cherish 
The one and the all. 
Let us love and respect them 
From winter to fall.. 
Let us dance in their honor, 
So that we may become one. 
Let us remember to praise them, 
Even long after they’re gone

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